Walk 3. Aber Falls circular.

Follow Walk 2 until you reach the falls, then return to the village over the hills at the side of the valley, creating a circular walk.

From the Falls come a little way back and descend the path to cross the river by a wooden bridge, then ascend the other side on to a rough track which runs along the head of the valley and crosses on the way another stream below a smaller waterfall.

Follow the path as it swings northward along the western side of the valley. The trail gradually ascends until you see a clump of dark green conifers on your left, and then a final gate which leads to a descending, partly made up, roadway.

Descend this for about 5 minutes and on your right you will see a narrow, steep track that leads down in to the village above Yr Hen Felin.

A less steep but longer return can be made by following the roadway further, as it zig-zags down to the bottom of the hill.

This route can of course be followed anticlockwise which has the advantage of getting the climbing done in one go and then freewheeling the rest of the way!