Walk 4. To Llyn Anafon

This walk takes you high into the hills above the Aber valley to the beautiful Llyn Anafon.  Water from this lake feeds the river that serves the Anafon Hydro and joins the river from the falls close to the Aber Falls car park.

Drive through the village until you reach the car park.  Either leave your car here (or in the additional car park signposted as you cross the bridge) and walk over the bridge and up the narrow winding road that leads steeply upwards.  Alternatively you can drive up this road to the free parking area at the top known as the Mountain Gate.  To walk takes an additional 25 to 30 minutes, but avoids the problems you may encounter from descending vehicles.

From here you need to allow 2-2.5 hours walking to return, so make sure you have plenty of time before night falls.  There is a large gate at the end of the car park. Go through this and follow the path as it climbs left and then meets a traversing path running to your right.  Turn right on it and walk along the well maintained pathway which leads ultimately to the lake at the head of the valley.  As you ascend look out on your right for the weir that marks the intake for the Anafon Hydro.

The lake sits in a valley below the summits of Drum and Foel Fras.

You can extend this walk by climbing Drum or Foel Fras, but to do this you need plenty of time, good weather, boots, map and compass, as well as suitable clothing in case the weather turns bad.

To return simply follow your outgoing route.

There is an alternative, narrow ascent from the car park, which can be found by following the wall on the right side of the car park leading to the river, ascending on the left side of the river until you join the main trail, it is best avoided if the river is in spate.